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Simplify Your Business Tasks with the Best Salon POS Software Available

There has to be an easier way to manage your salon point of sale and make sure your employees are as productive and efficient as possible. With the newest and most advanced POS software available on the market today, such as Lisri, you will be able to easily schedule appointments, manage payments and keep in closer contact with all your customers.

POS can be a difficult to manage part of your business, especially when you own a beauty salon or a spa. Organizing your schedule and making sure all appointments are accounted for without any mistakes is essential to your business continuity and reputation, and, nowadays, a POS system that can also be integrated across online and mobile platforms is also essential.

Quality POS software such as Lisri can also make it easy for you to improve, accelerate and grow your business. You can build your own franchise, completely modify the way you do business overnight, add loyalty programs, discounts, coupon codes and gift cards to the mix, and much more.

What’s even better is that you gain access to a flexible, secure and easy to use software application that requires little or no maintenance and is backed up by the best support team you will find. It will basically allow you to transform your business completely and get far better profits and results than ever before.


Using Lisri to Improve Your Salon Business’ POS Task Management

Why do you need the best POS software available? You may want to keep your employees focused on doing a good job, rather than spending time trying to figure out a complex POS software application. Also, when you want to expand your business, it helps if the POS software you use can grow with it.


Lisri, considered to be one of the most versatile salon POS software solutions ever made, can help facilitate all those advantages and many others. Here are just a few of the software’s key features:

  • The most flexible and versatile tools for integrating the software with anything from mobile devices such as iPads with your online systems;
  • Easy appointment booking (including online booking) features and loyalty programs that can be designed and adjusted to fit your business’ clients quite perfectly;
  • Special client and database tools are also available for storing contact information, managing SMS and email alerts and more.


With Lisri, you no longer have to worry about your point of sales, as this remarkable, competitively priced software will take care of everything for you. Straightforward, free setup is also available, and our skilled and friendly representatives, with more than 3 years of experience in the field, will provide you with quality, 24/7 support whenever you need it.

You will quickly find that, with the help of Lisri, you can watch your salon business grow and improve each day. All those menial POS tasks you previously thought to be extremely difficult will be resolved in a very short amount of time!

 Salon POS Software at Its Best: The Finest Highlights and Features of Lisri

As one of the most versatile POS software solutions on the market, Lisri comes with numerous powerful features and advantages that are designed to fit in perfectly with your salon business’ needs:

  • Lisri will help simplify appointments and schedule arrangements;
  • Flexibly manage your products and services;
  • Online booking will be handled with no difficulties;
  • The software is designed to be easy to use and customize;
  • Unique profiles for clients can also be created;
  • Your employees will find it extremely easy to work with Lisri;
  • Staff management is no longer a problem;
  • Commissions and pay rates will be quite straightforward;
  • Cash, bitcoin and credit card integration is made easy;
  • You can connect your own CRM and ecommerce software;
  • Manage your POS tasks across multiple salons;
  • Use the most secure servers;
  • Ipad integration is also available;
  • Analytics and business insights will be easy to manage;
  • You can benefit from real time reports;
  • Email and text notifications are provided as well;
  • Installation is 100% free;
  • You will get instant updates for Lisri;
  • Full 24/7 support is also available;
  • Your clients will be impressed with special promotions and loyalty programs;


Lisri is just a click away, and our experts can provide you with the best support in having the software installed and ready to use in no time. Your employees will also find it extremely easy to learn, and you can say goodbye to the POS difficulties and costs of time gone by.

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