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Boost Sales and Impress Your Clients with the Best Retail POS Software Available

Payments, inventory, ecommerce, tall orders and more – they all depend on the type of retail POS software you use and how well it performs. Fortunately, the most modern POS solutions available are able to streamline all those activities, so that you and your staff will have more time and energy to put into actually managing your store and making sure the customers are 100% satisfied with their purchases.

Retail POS software requires a more comprehensive and versatile set of features than you would need for any other type of business. The stakes are high, and so is the competition, and your business will not only require easy way to deal with inventory and payments, but also a powerful and secure software solution geared towards integrating with the most advanced ecommerce software, mobile devices and reporting solutions.

Modern point of sale software such as Lisri can do all that for you and can be easily customized to comply with all your requirements. Managing both single stores and large retail chains becomes easy through cloud based solutions and services, while powerful loyalty programs will just keep your clients coming back for more.


Improve Your Business with Lisri – The Powerful Retail POS Solution Designed for Efficiency

Whether you want to organize your business, speed up sales or expand to a nationwide retail chain, Lisri is the best software you can use on your point of sale. This versatile solution is equipped to deal with all the difficulties of modern day POS, and help you transform your business practically overnight.

If you’re looking for the best available features in the retail industry, Lisri can provide them at an affordable cost and with very little effort:

  • A simple, easy to use interface will provide the most straightforward learning curve, so that your employees will know exactly how to use the software to minimize time and effort required for fast sales;
  • You will also be able to support any types of payments, from cash to credit card and even bitcoin, either at the store, on the go or online;
  • Organized inventory and convenient loyalty programs will show your customers that you run a professional store that has their best interest in mind.


Our team has been working in the POS software development field for more than 3 years and has spared no effort in making Lisri one of the most proficient POS solutions currently available on the market.

Aside from quality 24/7 support, you will also benefit from quick and 100% free installation, and you will find the price you have to pay for this exceptional application is more affordable than that of any other advanced POS retail software on the market.


The Main Features and Advantages Lisri Can Bring for Your Retail Business

When it comes to retail POS, Lisri is quite possibly the most powerful software application you can use to speed up sales and make your employees’ work much easier. The software also features quality support for ecommerce integration and a solid cloud based infrastructure designed for convenience and security.

Here are some of Lisri’s most important features and benefits:

  • Quality staff management for tracking sales;
  • Easy inventory management across multiple stores;
  • Ecommerce integration and support included;
  • Easily add new items;
  • Simple design geared toward ease of use;
  • Ipad synchronizing features;
  • Manage online orders with no difficulties whatsoever;
  • Reduce the amount of time spent on POS tasks;
  • Full customization and instant updates available;
  • Support for CRM integration;
  • Hardware integration designed for any device you need at checkout;
  • Highly secure cloud based architecture;
  • Accept secure payments through cash, credit cards and gift cards;
  • Quality sales forecasting;
  • Bitcoin support is also included;
  • Reliable and secure servers for improved POS management;
  • 100% free installation and full 24/7 support;
  • Affordable monthly costs;
  • Real time reporting for sales and performance;
  • Loyalty programs and coupon codes.


You can use Lisri for virtually any type of retail store or even chains of stores in any location around the country, benefiting from quality support and the ability to get your customers to always return to your shop wanting for more.

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