Restaurant POS System Software

Lisri offers a complete POS solution for entire food industry and we are Specialized in providing Restaurant POS system software.

Customers can also order for a meal and pay for it using their mobile phone. Ever wanted a thoroughly complete, yet easy to use POS solution? For all the features and advantages required for your restaurant point of sale, you can now use Lisri – a simple, yet powerful software solution designed to make your work easier and bring your customers the convenience they require for ordering their meals without any hassle. The flexible settings, powerful customization features and secure handling of payments delivered by Lisri will make it possible for you to manage anything from a small restaurant to a large franchise with remarkable ease.

The software is also provided with excellent support, tracking and integration options to help you design the ideal setup you need. Installing the software requires very little effort, and there are no setup fees whatsoever. Moreover, with Lisri, you get instant updates and a far lower monthly cost than you would have using any other POS software available on the market. With powerful features such as easy bill splitting, convenient table reservations and the ability to allow customers to use a quick and reliable system for making their orders straight from the table, Lisri offers the ultimate benefits when it comes to managing orders and bringing you a more flexible approach towards managing your restaurant.

* Add new items quickly and easily
* Easy to use Gift certificates
* Clear and Colorful Insights
* Speedup Employee Efficiency
* Easily Customizable
* Simple and powerful
* Free Set up
* Low monthly cost
* Instant updates
* Realtime Reporting

Key Features

Customer can Order from Table – Now Restaurants can minimize the use of Human resource by offering the customers to to place their order from the table using the tablet device attached on each dining table.

Table Reservation/Booking – Now customer can book a particular table on a selected date according to availability. We made online reservations easier for customer using our Lisri Restaurant POS system software.

Easy Bill Splitting – Customers might come in groups, but they might want to be billed separately; In this scenario using Lisri Restaurant POS system software you can easily prepare One to Many Split bills in seconds.

Other Advantages

φ Bitcoin Integration Feature
φ Custom menu Building
φ Delivery Management
φ Franchise Management
φ IPAD Synchronizing

Back-office Features

→ Sales Forecasting
→ Reporting Snalytics
→ Business Insights
→ Staff Management
→ Loyalty Programs
→ Cash Management

Why Lisri?

✓ 24/7 Customer Support
✓ Secure Servers
✓ Kitchen Routing & Printing
✓ Ecommerce Integration
✓ Send SMS/Email Alerts
✓ Better Tracking
✓ Integrated CRM

Committing staff to managing orders, serving clients and making sure all the numbers are right while running your restaurant just became a lot easier with the help of Lisri – the POS software designed to facilitate and enhance any type of restaurant setting.With Lisri, you finally gain access to powerful POS features that other software solutions have been unable to deliver in the past:

 Booking a table online is much easier with Lisri, and we have streamlined the process to make the software perfectly easy to integrate with your management strategy;

 Customers can also order directly from the table, using Lisri on the tablet device integrated with each dining table;

 Split bills can be prepared in seconds, in case your clients arrive in a group, but would like to order separately.

Our professional team has spent years designing Lisri to be the powerful and reliable POS software it has become today. With an experienced, talented and proficient team working more than 3 years in the field, we have managed to create a software solution that’s simple, secure and incredibly easy to use.

Lisri is also provided as part of a convenient and affordable offer that will place the software in your care at a remarkably competitive price, while including full 24/7 support.

Do not hesitate to benefit from this exceptional deal. Join the many other restaurant owners who are currently saving time and money using the ultimate POS software for restaurant management!

The Advanced Features and Advantages of Lisri – The Best Restaurant POS System With the help of Lisri, you can enjoy a flexible POS system that will provide you with all the advantages you need in order to run your restaurant as smoothly as possible. Here are some of the many remarkable benefits and features provided with this software:

»» Benefit from a quick and simple setup process;

»» Build any custom menus you like;

»» Speed up employee efficiency in no time;

»» Use a powerful cash management solution;

»» Integrate with ecommerce solutions;

»» You can add new items quite easily;

»» Get the best delivery management features;

»» Bitcoin integration is also available;

»» Get the color and design options you need;

»» Integrate with CRM;

»» Use the most secure servers;

»» Eliminate the hefty monthly expenses of running expensive POS software;

»» Easily set up loyalty programs;

»» Kitchen routing and printing is also available;

»» Sync with your iPads;

»» Track all orders in an organized fashion;

»» Use the most powerful analytics reporting system;

»» Manage your whole franchise;

»» Benefit from easy to use gift certificates;

»» Manage all staff activities at lightning speed.

All these advantages are just a fingertip away, as integrating Lisri with your restaurant management strategy can be done in no time at all and the cost required is only a fraction of what you might pay for other similar POS software alternatives currently available.

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