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The Potential of Advanced Pizza POS Software for Your Business’ Growth

Expanding your business can require a lot of work and dedication, especially when you own a pizza shop or restaurant. Since the competition is in most cases quite fierce and the volume of your orders can also grow out of hand when trying to expand your business and provide faster deliveries, the need for a powerful and reliable POS solution is also more crucial than ever before.

Pizza POS software can help you by streamlining all the tasks required at your point of sale. For a pizza place, this means more than just managing payments and maintaining an organized customer base.

Advanced POS software such as Lisri can also provide you with a means to synchronize orders through the cloud, managing them on the go, build custom menus, as well as benefit from improved tracking and features such as kitchen routing and printing and quality staff management.

You will also be able to use fast and secure servers to make sure all POS tasks across all your outlets are managed in a simple and scalable manner, and receive support with growing your business or managing a large franchise.

Advanced pizza POS software solutions also have everything you need to make sure your staff can sail through any perceived difficulties at your point of sale and focus on keeping your customers satisfied in the long run.


Why Use the Lisri POS Software for Your Pizza Restaurant?

Pizza deliveries, fees, payments and dine-in orders at your pizza restaurant can be managed with extreme ease with the help of Lisri. This versatile POS software is equipped with the best features you can expect from even the most powerful POS solutions, and it is provided at an extremely affordable monthly costs.


Consider just a few of the remarkable advantages you will gain by having Lisri installed at your point of sale:

  • The software features a simple, easy to use and highly customizable design and architecture that will make your employees’ job easier than ever.
  • Bill splitting is made easy when clients dine at your pizza restaurant in groups, the software allowing your waiters to streamline the process of providing individual bills for each client in part.
  • The software can be integrated with online ecommerce solutions, making online ordering and credit card payments quite straightforward.

Our team of experts has been working in the POS field for more than 3 years, managing to bring constant improvements and refinements to Lisri’s architecture. The software can now be installed in record time, featuring free setup and convenient 24/7 technical support from our friendly representatives.

Lisri will help your pizza shop or restaurant grow and keep your customers interested, while also minimizing any difficulties you may have had in the past with POS tasks.


Manage Your Pizza Shop Faster and More Easily Than Ever with Lisri

Lisri is the only software you will need to take care of the POS tasks required by your pizza restaurant business. Here are some of the key features included in Lisri, as well as some of the most important reasons why you should choose this software for your pizza shop:


  • Your employees will find it extremely easy to learn and use;
  • The software is very affordable;
  • You can handle deliveries and dine-in orders quite efficiently;
  • Easily calculate any types of delivery fees;
  • Straightforward integration included for online solutions;
  • Customize the system to your convenience;
  • Allow for table and reservation booking for pizza restaurants;
  • Franchise and delivery management is made easy;
  • Add unlimited items;
  • Build a comprehensive customer base;
  • Manage schedules without difficulty;
  • Track employee schedules and sales;
  • Cloud and Ipad support included;
  • Easily accept cash and credit card payments;
  • Get easy to use gift certificates;
  • Use the most secure servers available;
  • Installation is free;
  • Benefit from unlimited updates;
  • Get 24/7 support from a friendly, knowledgeable service;
  • Full tracking, reporting and sales forecasting benefits are also provided.


Today, pizza POS software is more advanced than ever, and Lisri leads the POS revolution to provide you with the best advancements and features in the industry. With its help, improving your business practices at the point of sale and growing your pizza restaurant will be extremely easy.

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