Dry Cleaning POS Software

In Search of the Best Dry Cleaning POS Software on the Market

Trying to find a reliable POS system to integrate with your dry cleaning business can be a difficult task, especially if you aren’t fully aware of what qualities and features a practical point of sale software application would require.

The most practical dry cleaning software needs several key features that you should always check for. These include cloud-based software that can easily be accessed from multiple stations, a flexible and secure system designed to be usable weather you outsource some of the work, perform dry cleaning deliveries or offer coupons and discounts, and a reliable database for garments and customer information.

Dry cleaning point of sale software can help you by improving organization throughout your business, helping your employees keep in touch with your clients and perform their duties more efficiently, and allowing your business to grow without the need to upgrade to a different system.

Moreover, with the help of modern POS software, such as Lisri, you can also integrate mobile devices like iPads and smartphones to further streamline the system and improve productivity.

With the best dry cleaning POS software at your fingertips, you will find your business will improve in a heartbeat, and not only will your profits increase, but you will also be able to expand to new horizons, growing your business in the least amount of time possible.


Lisri: The Dry Cleaning POS Software That Will Not Let You Down

Lisri is a complete cloud based dry cleaning POS solution that can help improve your dry cleaning business through high quality, easy to customize features. The system uses better security than any similar cloud-based POS software and can allow you to manage as many stations as you want, while also providing mobile support, delivery management and reliable tracking.


Here are a few of the main benefits you will gain access to through Lisri:

  • Fast and flexible access through the cloud, allowing for secure POS management of clothing deliveries and clothing pick-ups, whether you own a small dry cleaning business or a large franchise;
  • The ability to impress your clients with the help of a well-designed tracking system that will allow them to track their orders with ease;
  • Easy integration with mobile devices allowing your POS system to provide quality remote assistance working directly with the cloud.

Dry cleaning POS has never been easier than with the help of Lisri. We can provide you with quality 24/7 support, and the price of the software is one of the best you will find.

Unlike other POS systems, Lisri was developed by our experienced specialists who have been working intensely in this field for more than 3 years and have managed to refine the system, bringing it to the top of the point of sale market.


The Powerful Features and Benefits of Lisri – The Best Dry-cleaning POS Software

Dry cleaning point of sale tasks have never been easier to manage than with Lisri. This versatile piece of highly advanced technology will be your guide to taking care of all tasks required at the point of sale of your business with extreme ease.


Here are just a few of the most important advantages and advanced features Lisri can provide you with:

  • A simple and powerful software designed for easy customization;
  • Real time reporting capabilities;
  • Support for clothing deliveries and outsourcing;
  • Easy cash management;
  • The ability to manage all your employees through a straightforward system;
  • Franchise management;
  • A handy sales forecasting feature;
  • Easy cash management and credit card processing;
  • Bitcoin integration;
  • Inventory management through fast database access;
  • Integration with calendar software;
  • iPad integration and synchronization;
  • Ecommerce and CRM support;
  • Straightforward alerts sent through SMS and email;
  • Complete documentation;
  • Secure servers and quality 24/7 support;
  • Outstanding tracking abilities;
  • The best security protocols available for any POS software;
  • Instant updates and a virtually maintenance-free system;
  • Free setup and affordable monthly costs.


There is much to gain by using Lisri as your new POS system. You will find that your employees will learn how to use it in no time at all, and the added boost to your business management and organization tasks may even bring you the opportunity for expanding your business and gaining significant profits.

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