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Better Services and Easier Business Management with Advanced Cafe POS Software

Cafe POS software has been around for quite a while, but it was only in recent years that it has been enhanced through powerful features such as cloud based database management, the use of touchscreen enabled tablets to allow customers to make quick and easy orders from their tables, or advanced integration with CRM and ecommerce solutions.

The key advantage of getting new POS software for your coffee shop lies in its ability to provide advanced business management solutions that can improve your ability to run your business and make better decisions based on accurate reporting data, as well as help your employees manage orders and complete payments without difficulty.

Imagine running your coffee shop like clockwork no matter how many people come in or how much they order. Also, you can create custom schedules for different times, and put together attractive menus to keep your clients interested.

Also, if your employees had trouble with your last POS system when it came to cash and credit card management or any other payment related tasks, you will find the best POS solutions for cafes – such as Lisri – to be much easier to use and more versatile in this area as well.

While managing all POS tasks required by your coffee shop may have seemed difficult in the past, using the advanced features of the best cafe POS software available on the market will help you eliminate those problems quite permanently.


Accurate Payments and Fast Orders with the Lisri Cafe POS Software

There are not many reliable cafe POS software solutions on the market that can compete with Lisri. Versatile, easy to understand and quite comprehensive when it comes to the diversity of its customization features, Lisri can turn your business into a success through the catchiest ordering options, analytics tools and payment solutions.

Here are a few of the key features provided by Lisri:

  • Anyone walking into your coffee shop will be able to order conveniently from their table, using provided tablet devices with easy to use touchscreen interfaces.
  • When a group of people wants to place individual orders, your staff will be able to provide individual bills in mere seconds.
  • Advanced solutions for loyalty tracking and flexible options available for your loyalty programs will improve your service, while keeping customers coming back for more.

You will find that, despite the remarkable management, payment and scheduling features that are provided with the software, Lisri is not expensive at all – and you even get free installation and 24/7 technical support from our efficient and experienced staff.

Our team has been active in the POS field for more than 3 years, and Lisri is our highest accomplishment. If you want the best in POS applications and cloud based management solutions for coffee shops, you will not find a better and more affordable type of POS software than Lisri.


Business Management Made Easy with Lisri – The Complete POS Solution for Coffee Shops

When trying to run a respected cafe, your chances can get much higher as soon as you have Lisri installed. This potent POS software will help with anything from adding products and managing a high volume of orders to getting the most accurate reports.

This is just a glimpse of the full set of features provided by Lisri:

  • Quick and reliable solutions for speeding up payments;
  • The ability to add new products quickly and easily;
  • Custom menu building tools;
  • Personalize your schedules;
  • Fast iPad synchronization features;
  • Fast and straightforward table booking;
  • An easy to use interface and software architecture;
  • Advanced methods for ordering;
  • The ability to book orders online;
  • Ecommerce integration made easy;
  • CRM integration;
  • Versatile credit card, cash and bitcoin payment integration;
  • Server security at its best;
  • Loyalty programs to keep your regulars coming back;
  • Build a large customer base;
  • Manage email and SMS alerts;
  • Powerful analytics and reporting tools;
  • Reliable management across multiple machines and locations;
  • Advanced tracking;
  • Completely free installation.

Lisri will completely transform the way you do business. If you haven’t thought about expanding your cafe yet, you might consider it as soon as you see just how much this powerful POS application will help you and your staff.

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