Bar POS System

Reliable and Professional Bar/Nightclub POS Software for Fast Paced Environments

Do you want your customers to gain the quick service they want and your staff to be provided with the means of improving the speed and efficiency of POS tasks? Are you looking for the most advanced tools to manage inventory, take care of a wide variety of orders in no time at all, and reduce the effort necessary for business analytics and reporting? If your answer is yes, then you need an advanced bar/nightclub POS software available such as Lisri.

What can you truly gain from this type of software? Just imagine not having to deal with complaints about orders at your bar taking too long or being too difficult. Also, think about how easy it can be when you’ll be able to make quick and accurate modifications, for instance, to schedule happy hour prices automatically or have your employees use iPads to take orders and impress your clients.

All this and more is available with the most versatile POS software for bars and nightclubs. Aside from the clearest advantages you can gain, you will also benefit from a host of powerful features as well, including convenient credit card payments, easy integration with your online website, detailed tracking of cash payments and comparative sales reports.

Online reservation solutions and other communication methods that will help your business get closer to customers are also in order, and you will find that the most modern software available is also based on fast, secure servers to accelerate any POS tasks that used to require a lot of time and energy.


Why You Should Use Lisri – The Most Powerful Bar/Nightclub POS Software

For any business owner interested to expand, mastering the point of sale can be an extremely important task. Instead of having a lot of employees running around to take care of inventory and large orders, while making sure all payments are properly tracked and monitored, you can use Lisri.

This powerful POS software will help you get past many of the difficulties you might run into while trying to manage your bar or nightclub:

  • A highly customizable type of POS software, Lisri takes the hassle out of organizing your schedule, adding new items and arranging pricing and payment details in accordance with your bar’s policy.
  • Online reservations can be extremely easy with Lisri, and all booking related tasks can be handled very fast, due to the software’s ability to integrate with your management practices.
  • Split bills can also be prepared within seconds in case your clients have arrived in groups, but want to pay separately.

Our experts have worked hard over the past 3 years to make sure Lisri can be used reliably for any POS task that could be required by a bar or nightclub. What’s more, the software is extremely affordable, and it also comes with free installation and quality technical support available 24/7.

The software will not only make work much easier for you and your employees, but it will also help you keep track of your finances, keep your customers more satisfied, and gain the profit required to expand your business.


The Best of Lisri: The Easy to Use POS Software for Your Bar/Nightclub

Lisri is counted among the best and most powerful POS software solutions available on the market, and it is also much more affordable, easy to use and easy to personalize than anything else you can find out there. Here are just some of the powerful features included in this bar/nightclub POS software:


  • An easy means to add new items;
  • The ability for customers to order from the table using tablet devices;
  • Simple, powerful and secure cloud based software architecture;
  • Quality online booking solutions;
  • The ability to create a full customer base with contact details;
  • Customizable scheduling and pricing details;
  • Manage your staff with ease;
  • Custom menu building;
  • Mobile syncing with iPads;
  • Franchise management made easy;
  • Accurate accounting and reduced risk of cash being lost or stolen;
  • Fast bar capability for busy nights;
  • Easy cash and credit card management;
  • Integration with ecommerce solutions;
  • Real time reporting;
  • Support for CRM;
  • Reliable sales forecasting and analytics;
  • Installation is free of charge;
  • Low monthly costs and 24/7 support;
  • Easily send text and email alerts.

With Lisri, no task is too big or too small, and your employees can easily learn to perform any task required without the need for specialized training. The software is virtually maintenance free and is constantly supported through frequent, instant updates.


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